We are a fast growing tech accessories brand in the Philippines, a country where more than 76 million people use smartphones and where we take the top spot as heaviest internet users worldwide. Knowing how important our devices are to all of us nowadays, our team set on a course for this ambitious project.

Koara came out of our joint effort. We pride ourselves on having put design, protection and durability together. You will find the purchase experience intuitive, efficient and reliable. Our cases are resistant and feature the highest quality printing designs that don’t fade over time. We take care of every detail by designing a fashionable packaging that showcases our ambition of providing you with a luxurious product.

Our eco-conscious perspective fostered us to create the most long-lasting phone cases and to design packaging that you will surely reuse.

Our prices are simply the most competitive in the market, but we are not compromising anything to achieve this. You will also enjoy free express delivery to minimize the time your shiny and precious mobile device is exposed to the elements.